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September 30, 2019 / By


September 30, 2019 / By

Consumer Product Sourcing (CPS) is an independent, bespoke product sourcing agency. In New Zealand they are a conduit for suppliers to reach new markets and leverage off large points and reward based programmes. They work directly with partners such as Air New Zealand, flybuys and The Market.

Spineka through it’s Data Warehousing capabilities has developed an interface to standardise the data both coming from and going to partners (as each platform invariably has multiple nuances and points of difference).  Spineka has also helped CPS to manage not only their internal inventory but through a custom built dashboard has visibility over all of the available inventory sitting in partner warehouses.

The problems that this new integrated platform is now solving includes the ability to easily view, edit and submit products to the 10+ partners for approval. It also integrates with a preferred accounting platform and directly into the CPS’s pick, pack and trace software.

The solution will continue to evolve but more importantly CPS now have the flexibility and control to expand where their products and services are now shown. Phase 2 of what we are working with them on.