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August 1, 2020 / By


August 1, 2020 / By

This year we launched initiatives aimed at assisting the events industry maintain contact and exchange value with their avid fans and enthusiasts. The advent of this initiative was born out of a necessity to engage with communities. Our KynectCOMMUNITY platform acted as a catalyst and the provider with the ability to deliver this.

Consumers are provided both a free and premium option in both Comiccon365 and Craft365 where they can then access a variety of content packages and products managed and curated by our media events partner Expertise Events who operate several large scale conventions annually across Australia. This tech initiative opened an otherwise closed channel to continue engagement with consumers, replacing previously what was a face to face environment.

The platform decision was a pivot from our traditional loyalty and engagement capability that traditionally has been delivered on mobile natively. In the case of Craft in particular a large desktop user demographic required the rapid development of a web version of the core platform modules and engagement tools. In addition, several new modules and features such as classes and experiences have been implemented to further enhance the consumer offer.

This initiative has seen solid uptake and grown to thousands of active subscribers each month in a short period of time. We are looking forward to further developing and promoting both platforms in and around the events industry throughout 2021. It will be interesting and exciting to continue growth as the current COVID-19 environment settles down and as people start attending events in person.

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