TOPend – Merging Technology with Fashion Art

November 1, 2020 / By


November 1, 2020 / By

This new venture focuses in on providing a technology solution for brands to easily access closed group audiences and develop new channels to market. TOPend focuses on broken stock lines and excess stock holdings and allows premium brands to move through products and sales.

The Kynect platform is responsible and currently delivering the user experience, specifically our KynectHUB and KynectCOMMUNITY suite of products, allow the brands to easily load stock and manage available inventory and connect with end users. Due to the demand we are facing from brands Kynect has invested in warehousing and has setup it’s own 3PL solution, fully integrated with its technology to ensure it can match the incredible demand by brands for this solution and to also ensure seamless and fast delivery times.

Within the app, invited members have real time access to shop everything from exclusive clearance lines through to the latest fashions and trends. For convenience the TOPend app allows a member to save their favourite brands and preferred sizes to ensure they are served only with relevant offers – as and when they are released. Members can share and invite their friends using a traditional P2P network.


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