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  • Date : 10 May, 2020
  • Category : Development, SaaS, App, Reviews
  • Partner : Evasight Pty Ltd

Evasight Platform:

The Evasight platform had its genesis like a lot of others in the world of excel and spreadsheets. In it’s early days a proven process and algorithm was defined in excel that allowed agencies and their clients to easily capture meaningful realtime snapshots on the current state of performance with focus on  5 key measures of performance that includes communication, knowledge, understanding, time and delivery. Together these when answered by both an agency and client easily identify areas for improvement without being to 

Given the interest Spineka has in and around technologies that supports business and customer engagement, it was apparent that Evasight would be a valuable extension for any business that needs an easy to use platform that can capture and retain valuable business insights initially. We elected to join Jimmy and Adam to build out a larger offering that enables realtime reporting and access into the Employee and Consumer facing markets with a extensions of the Business & Client to plans and services that support Business & Employee, lastly Business & Consumer. The goal of the platform is to acquire customers and become a go to tool for any business looking to capture feedback in a simple and easy way.

The Technology

To kickstart the project, Spineka assembled a team within Xtrastaff dedicated to the platforms success. The team designed out the key components for responding, managing and administering the platform while developing the Evasight brand completely from scratch. Evasight is built on top of the MEAN stack and leverages a range of functions and services to perform its day to day operations reliably.


The focus moving forwards is on acquisition and build out of the quick survey feature to capture customers from a variety of segments to show them how great the platform is. In addition, Evasight is to target larger organisations that manage multiple businesses and seek to have an overview across performance. The focus moving forwards is to support increased data driven decisions in businesses and ensure customers of Evasight never lose a client and continue to retain staff.

The Evasight Product

The key offering to market includes B2B, B2E and B2C. Evasight provides a means to implement it’s algorithm and use the easy to understand measures and key performance indicators for success. 

Evasight provides a Health Check approach, whereby periodic check-ins are scheduled in advance and scoring and weightings are reported over time. This provides the ability to see how relationships are trending and to address quickly any deviations. Customers can manage their Evasight score across businesses.

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