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  • Category : Mobile Platform
  • Client : TBA Firefly
  • Stack: MEAN
  • Project Status Delivered, Maintaining

The Firefly Platform:

The Xtrastaff team were original approached to build a mobile application to showcase what at the time was in excess of 9,000 custom fire prevention systems. This was a completely new industry with a wide range of technical jargon that would would intimidate new comers. We were happy to have such a great client that transferred knowledge, explained the industry and helped us all deliver a useful application.

The platform work included completion of an entire administration and backend system, corporate website and applications in iOS and Android supporting both mobile and tablets. This has been a significant program of work and the total number of unique TBA Firefly systems is currently at over 23,000 systems with an expected increase of over 10 times the number, growing to the platform supporting in excess of 200k systems.

The Challenge

The primary challenges here were that initially TBA didn’t have a entirely clear direction or specification initially. This was not a problem as we enjoy the challenge. We worked with their expert team to ideate and provide a solution and approach to satisfy their industry specific challenge of enabling digital access to their proprietary textile products, while also making it easy for professionals to apply TBA Firefly’s products to their projects.


Spineka established a team of talented designers, mobile engineers, full stake engineers and quality assurance with Xtrastaff. This team worked on an initial build, then followed with a stream of feedback and innovation, taking the clients hands on experience and refining the platform. We have seen the app evolve substantially and the opportunities now available ensure TBA Firefly have technology that can help lead their industry and simplify distribution of product materials to customers.

Outcome & Delivery

The initial outcome was a very large body of work and our Xtrastaff team and experts worked tirelessly to deliver a smooth and easy to use app that operates in a highly technical industry. Users on the platform have a wealth of choice and capabilities to make the process of being fire compliant easier. The goal is to continue to support TBA Firefly as they grow into the future and continue to lead the market.

The following key outcomes were achieved and the below deliverables were provided.

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