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  • Category : Platform, Automation
  • Client : Inservio
  • Stack : Custom
  • Project Status : Delivered, Maintaining

The Inservio Solution:

The team at Inservio approached us initially to provide initial advice on how to solve a problem they faced in digitalising the management process for their growing services in specialised medical product delivery. We worked with the amazingly talented team at Inservio to digest their business cases, translate these into an overarching application framework and then systematically refine individual highly bespoke functionality to work in compliment to their business processes. The teams worked together closely, building not only a great solution but also a plethora of shared knowledge and information.

This solution is in place for a completely custom business process that has factors and requirements that are not shared by others operating in a remotely similar business models. During the process, our teams integrated with third party service provides essential to business operations, conformed to data consistency and leveraged technologies that were in use internally to ensure the long term support and viability of Inservios technology objectives. 

The Challenge

The initial challenge was that the systems evolution consisted of block diagrams and a general flavour of what the desired end state was to be… there was a decent amount of unknowns for all involved. To help we started with design driven development to ensure stakeholders could visualise firstly and then backfilled this with additional business logic, underlying data structures and principals. 

Our approach helped us move from zero to a working prototype reasonably quickly, allowing additional stakeholder acceptance and the opportunity to build out core business logic in each module, review and iterate to reach a position where the platform covered requirements from patient management, technologies, reporting and logistics.


To provide development, we established a dedicated team of individuals whom met weekly with the client to ensure alignment. The teams worked closely together in a highly supportive and positive product centric agile development process. We deployed on new environments, hosted separated containers and helped provide ancillary support functions.

Outcome & Delivery

At the conclusion of this large scale project, we delivered a completely unique and custom platform that will provide the client with a piece of engineering that enables scale and removes several layers of double handling, thus increasing the effectiveness of the services being provided to patients. 

In summary the key product outcomes includes:

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