Spineka is selectively looking for preferred partners to commercialise ideas into Ventures.

Find your path to market with us

Spineka drives transformation by leveraging both it’s efficiencies and expertise.

Spineka seeks to work with partners to turn ideas into commercial Ventures where the proprietary platforms, core knowledge and the services of Xtrastaff can be leveraged to provide greater capability in the Venture.

The commercial model is to receive either equity or fees (or a combination thereof) for providing such services. Venture Hub (Spineka’s Ventures Arm) will also provide, where necessary, thought leadership and the strategic framework to ensure the foundations of the Venture are secure and scalable.

Spineka currently has investments in eight (8) different Ventures.

Perks, Kynect, SKUnest, Meza, Craft365, eDaily, 4LESS and NYP.

Perks, Kynect and SKUnest are in market, whilst the other five are in their final stages of incubation.
Here’s to an exciting 2020!!

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