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The team at Finstream worked closely with our team at Xtrastaff to build a completely unique and bespoke platform to serve interactive content for CPA’s and Masters of Finance students across the globe. The platform is a completely self managed interactive content platform that provides facilities for the owners to build out complex interactive course materials that include dynamic integrated tables and graphs, structured course content, pop quizzes and certificates on completion – it is a comprehensive project that is easy to use and powerful.

Finstream aims to expand your finance knowledge as a professional and provides learning modules, refresher courses for corporates and now provides users with certificates upon completion of course work. We recommend checking out the platform and the video introduction on the website for more as it is a really interesting product and service.

An interactive content platform that provides users with a deeper knowledge of finance.


At inception the team looked to see if competition existed and found that no product could satisfy the use case presented by the client. There were no reference points so it required a bespoke platform. 

One core requirement was to allow complex finance equations, graphs and content to be managed on the go. Users from universities and corporates needed to be able to create, modify, enrich and publish content to students and professionals alike. Additionally, a library of materials was to be maintained and re-usable to create custom and targeted course content that could be used as refresher courses in support of corporates who sought to up-skill and train their staff.


We worked initially on the basis of developing a data and user experience that would support the existing course and learning material. The team focused on how the content was being delivered in the real world and aimed to optimise and provide an intuitive user experience in the digital landscape.

As the team delivered functionality, further iterations were conducted to layer more complex functionality to enhance the products depth and scope. The agile approach helped reduce divergence (and time) as together we were able to measure empirically our ability with the client to deliver substantial advances to the software. It was a true team effort and required extracting deep knowledge from the product owner and expert frequently.

The highly specific skill this product initially aims itself towards was challenging for our teams. We are proud to have developed and now support such a powerful platform that can step outside its origins into other academic and professional industries. 


The Client has a platform that has the capacity to provide services to the Finance industry and beyond as it moves towards supporting multiple tenants across industries outside of Finance.

We not only created the unique core technology and knowhow but also helped enable a new business. The team are very proud of the achievements made which includes:

  • B2C for Individuals
  • Multi Tenant for Larger Organisations
  • Robust and Advanced Content Procurement and Delivery
  • Industry Certifications

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