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The team at Inservio approached us initially to provide support and advice on how to support a key digital business initiative. The initiative was to design, scope and deliver a digital platform that would help scale Inservio’s direct to door speciality medication delivery program. The objective was to capitalise on an opportunity and unlock capacity by automating and digitalising the patient management experience. 

We worked with the amazingly talented team at Inservio firstly to digest their business requirements and understand use cases. Then together we worked on delivering a software solution that achieved the desired outcomes. We exceeded the initial expectations and have worked on delivering improvements and new features to the platform beyond the initial delivery. 

The solution delivered is completely custom that are unique and not shared by any competitors operating in remotely similar business. Throughout the project our teams integrated with third party service providers essential to core business operations, engineered data structures and audit capabilities, designed all user interfaces and journeys, and lastly deployed technologies and application stacks that can be maintained by their existing in house technology team.


The initial challenge was in fact the blank canvas available at the commencement. There was no reference point initially as the new business unit itself was so unique in how it operated daily with end customers (patients). The objective was to design a complete platform that would both build upon and augment existing established standard operating procedures staff and customers were familiar with, while setting a new standard that would unblock choke points as volume scaled up. 

The approach taken was to divide the system up into key components of functionality such as Patients, Therapies, Orders, Deliveries and then complete iterative ideation with stakeholders. Effectively, we employed design driven development as this ultimately got us to the end state and demonstrated the vision. The team were then able to produce an integrated enterprise solution that met the desired technical requirements.

Our approach in this project helped us move from zero to a working prototype quickly. It also enabled stakeholders from different business units to quickly grasp platform design patterns and in turn assisted in the refining of nuanced business logic across key areas of the business. This approach led to a flood great of ideas and wish list items that were progressively integrated to the platform. The platform covered a broad range of requirements from patient management, technology locations and programming languages through to reporting and logistics.


The development started early and was pure agile and used epics to deliver working software. We established a dedicated team of individuals who met regularly with the stakeholders to ensure alignment by measuring and demonstrating progress. The teams worked closely together in a highly supportive and positive customer centric agile development process. 

The platform was developed using .Net Core & Angular and is supported by a robust relational database design that provides integrity and long term support for a long term data retention.

All services are deployed on elastic cloud environments, hosted in separated containers and vps enabling and can scale when needed to support peak periods.


At the conclusion of this large scale project, we delivered a completely unique and custom platform that provides the client with a piece of engineering that enables scale and removes layers of double handling and manual process. Now Inservio has a fully digital patient treatment and logistics platform that is able to provide a single view of the operation and has satisfied the goal of the initiative. 

In summary some of the outcomes for the client include:

  • Full database design that provides traceability and integrity.
  • Full automated CI/CD deployment process in AWS.
  • Flexible and extendible .Net Core API and integrated lambda functions to support business operations.
  • Modern and flexible large scale SPA in Angular for distributed teams to utilise in their day to day.

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